Consistently Inconsistent

Lately, the one thing I am consistent with is my inconsistency. Yep, I’m owning it. I will admit, I'm a little frustrated that I haven’t spent more time working on my blog.

Each week I have failed to write this post… on consistency of all things! Ha! Each week, I have filled my days with other activities. For a couple of weeks now this topic has been on my mind.

Why is it so hard to sit down and write?

One would think it’s because I don’t enjoy it. Oh, but I do! But, for me, blogging is different than writing.

Blogging requires a process. There are those who just write, and push publish, and if that’s you, that’s great!

I’m not wired that way. Blogging is a creative outlet for me, and it encompasses more than just writing.

Perfecting my photography and canva skills, discovering different plugins, and researching is all a part of what I enjoy, all part of the creative outlet for me. That can be overwhelming when I look at the big picture or my desired outcome. BUT, if I break it down into a process, it's totally doable.

Maybe you’re like me. Let’s try and figure out how to conquer inconsistency together!

What IS stopping me from being consistent?

Now to overcome, some of these objectives with a PLAN.

Set a timer

Commit to a time that you will sit down to write for 30 minutes each day. You may want to commit on a certain number of words, as this will eliminate HOURS spent going down 1) rabbit trails or 2) overthinking because you HAVE to have something written down.

(try time blocking)

Set Realistic Expectations

I’m guilty of having this superhuman image of myself where I think I can do it all. I can set 3) unrealistic expectations. That is a recipe for disaster. Be realistic.

As an example, let’s use weight loss. If you want to lose 30 pounds and you set a goal to lose that in 3 weeks, 10 pounds per week, what do you think is going to happen? Will you get frustrated, overwhelmed, behind before you barely start?

Now, let’s say you give yourself 6 weeks at 5 pounds per week?

What about 12 weeks at 2.5 pounds per week?

Just because you have a goal of publishing 3 posts a week, does your schedule allow for that? What about starting with 1 post a week consistently and then moving up to 2?

Just say No

Honor yourself and only commit to what is feeding your soul and not draining your energy. 4) Say No more often. You will have more time to write and a clearer mind to do so.

Proactive Progression

We’re all so busy and 5) procrastinating is easy to do. Maybe you say, I’ll do it tomorrow and do twice as much to catch up. That’s a slippery slope that ends up into trying to catch up with a week in one day

Or, maybe you don't feel like your post is as good as it could be, so you keep tweaking and you get closer and closer to your deadline. That perfection mentality is actually keeping you from making progress

Eliminate Distractions

6) Distractions can be different for each person. But, what is the same is the more we're distracted the less work we get done.

  • Shut off your phone, or at least put it out of sight

  • Stay off of social media sites while you are working on your blog

  • Find a quiet spot where you're able to focus (for some a busy coffee shop may not be the best spot)

  • Turn off the TV

  • If you can't tune out from the housework that needs to be done at home, you could go to a library

Write Daily

In order to become a consistent blogger, you need to write daily, even when you're not 7 ) inspired to write. That doesn't mean you need to publish daily. Commit to 30 minutes at first and just write. Don't even worry about the end result.

Imagine if you only did other things in your life when you were inspired to do so. Do you always feel like getting up at the crack of dawn, cooking dinner, paying bills, apologizing??

So now that you have your plan, it's just a matter of 8) taking action, putting your fingers on the keyboard and getting to work!

So, what is the answer to becoming a consistent blogger??

Create a habit.

Determine ahead of time where you will work, what time you will start, and what part of the blogging process you want to accomplish each day, besides the 30 minutes of daily writing.

It needs to be so ingrained into your daily routine, that you miss it when you don't do it. For me it needs to be like getting my morning coffee, morning devotion time, putting on lipstick, walking my dogs, kissing my husband....just part of my daily routine.

Connecting with other bloggers has definitely been something that has helped me and if you're a midlife blogger, or have ever thought of starting a blog at midlife, come join our Facebook Community!

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